coldwater canyon park session

I met Masha + Adam when they were pregnant with their little guy, we did photos in Malibu and have been doing them ever since he was born :)

Chelsea Prestin
three little girls.

One of my best friends just had her third beautiful little girl, Mila. I was so happy I was in Chicago and able to meet her + photograph their stunning family.

Chelsea Prestin
at home session

At home sessions are a rarity for me these days. When I lived it Chicago, they were much more common because the weather wasn't always perfect to shoot outdoors but in LA, that's never an issue and most people want to do the beach or a canyon, etc. which I LOVE but I also love how relaxed a session is in someone's home. They get to showcase their personal decor + style, their kids are usually more comfortable and laid back and the images always turn out very natural.

xx c

Chelsea Prestin