What framing materials are used?

We have partnered with a top of the line, custom framing company. Details of the frames include:

⟛ Premium materials sourced directly from the best manufacturers.

⟛ The mouldings are premium wood, the acrylic is cut using the newest technology, and every single piece is assembled and inspected by a real live person, right here in the U.S.

⟛ Over time, art can fade, turn yellow, and be damaged by light.  That's why we us acrylic in all frames. Acrylic is more expensive than glass, but it is beautifully clear (regular glass has a green tint), much less likely to shatter, and offers increased UV protection. Because we are shipping your art, we felt the safest option was to include acrylic standard on all pieces.

⟛ Most pieces will be dry-mounted onto heat-activated, archival, acid-free foam board. 

⟛ Top of the line materials and great craftsmanship. The result? A beautifully-framed piece of the highest quality in the industry. Totally custom. And made just for you.



Why use a mat?

A mat is the most popular style because of its classic, clean look and its ability to make smaller prints fill your spaces more beautifully.  A mat is used for all prints except for 30x40.


Will the finished product look exactly like what I see on my computer?

Saturation, vibrance and colors may vary from monitor to monitor, what you see on your monitor may be ever so slightly different from the print that you receive.  But rest assured that the print you receive will be exactly how we intended it to look.

Please know that not all print sizes are proportionally the same and images will be slightly cropped in order to best suit the appropriate size of the frame order.


Do you offer custom size prints?

Yes, we do! We love square prints, however, the crop will be very different than other sizes so we don't offer them unless you approve it first. Please e-mail hello@chelseaprestin.com for more information.